From town crier to town newspaper

Before the printing press, it was mighty tough to get the morning news! During the middle ages, town criers in small villages yelled the news each day. But if that strong-voiced newsman caught a cold, that could be catastrophic.
The earliest newsletters – or just plain information letters — started even earlier. In ancient times, they were sent to friends, community leaders, or officials. By the middle ages, they were often business-related, and concerned prices or availability of products that might affect commerce.
The “modern” newspaper began later, in about 1609. Many of us would define it as a collection of general news and feature stories that updates national and local events on a regular basis, like daily or weekly.
In your paper, do you prefer shorter or longer stories? I prefer shorter, and I’ll tell you why in the next post. 

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Rix Quinn

Rix Quinn is a former magazine editor and now a syndicated columnist for over 100 weekly newspapers. He holds degrees from Texas Christian University and California State University.

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