What can you say in one minute?

 As you know, short messages and stories are centuries old. But I want to emphasize the major reasons ultra-short message delivery makes sense for 21st century newspaper, magazine, newsletter, memo, or e-mail.

1. The average person’s reading speed is about 250 words per minute.

2. The length of an average local television news story is about 41 seconds. The length of today’s average movie scene is about 90 seconds.

3. The typical radio or television advertisement is 30 seconds to 60 seconds long. That’s about 75 to 150 words.

4. The approximate length of one of Aesop’s Fables is about 250 words.

5. If the average newspaper feature is about 800 words, you can fit about three minute messages into the same space as one 800-word feature.

6. They are the ideal length for editorials, letters to the editor, weather forecasts, civic club reports, how-to, self-help, and question-answer columns.

7. A 150-word feature can easily be recorded in a radio-style audio, which can be placed on a publication’s or corporation’s web site. It’s another way to communicate with an audience.

8. A publication or newsletter can also use a minute message to create advertising for clients.

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Rix Quinn

Rix Quinn is a former magazine editor and now a syndicated columnist for over 100 weekly newspapers. He holds degrees from Texas Christian University and California State University.

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