One-minute idea presentation

If a person lives to be 90, that person has lived about 47,304,000 minutes. What can somebody accomplish in a single minute?

A fast sprinter can run a quarter-mile. An announcer can deliver a 60-second radio commercial, which is plenty of time to describe a product. A comedian can tell a reasonably-complicated joke…and we hope it’s a funny one.

I’ve written stories for about 40 years. If each story is 200-300 words long, it would take an average reader about one minute to reach each.

Whenever I write, I attempt to present one complete thought in 200 words or less. I feel that writing longer to stress a single point might (1) bore the reader or (2) waste his/her time.

That doesn’t mean that all my stories last only one minute, because I might want to make several points. But to make only one point…I try to do that in 60 seconds.

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