What the heck is a micro bio?

Biographies come in all sizes. I’ve seen some that are only a few paragraphs long. Other bios of famous people can run over 1000 pages.

But my special interest has always been micro biographies. What are they?

I don’t define them by length, but by what the tell. To me, a micro bio points out the primary skill or achievement a person is known for.

My Dad often told this story. He was at a graveside funeral service one day when one particular tombstone caught his eye. It gave the person’s name, birth and death dates, with this description underneath: “He grew peaches.”

A man’s lifetime profession and accomplishment summed up in three words. What words might we apply to Aesop (wrote famous Fables) or George Washington (first American president)? My Dad’s summation: Many of us would like to be remembered for one special skill. What is that?

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