One-minute friendships

A friend returned from his high school class reunion. “Did you have a good time?” I asked.

“I saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in 40 years. I’d talk to each for a minute or two, then I’d move to someone else. I’d describe the event as two evenings of one-minute friendships.”

One-minute relationships are common. How many people do you know at work, at your children’s school, or in the community that you see day after day — year after year — but know very little about them?

My Dad suggested a remedy. “At each meeting,” he advised, “give each person you meet something to remember you by. And find something unique about each of them…and remember it.

“Next time you meet, you’ll have an immediate conversation-starter.”

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Rix Quinn

Rix Quinn is a former magazine editor and now a syndicated columnist for over 100 weekly newspapers. He holds degrees from Texas Christian University and California State University.

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