Is success simple or complicated?

I’ve spent 30 years writing short biographies about folks in all kinds of professions. When I ask them what’s made them successful, I usually hear one of these responses…or sometimes, a combination.

# LUCK — I was in the right place at the right time, and fell into a profession I loved.

# TRAINING — I knew I was pretty good at (insert skill here). So I spent years trying to learn everything about it, so I would become an expert in the subject.

# DIRECTION — I was drifting around in school until a teacher told me I was really “gifted” at something. So I focused on that something, and became hugely successful at it.

# NEW FIELD — I spent my early life training for something else. Then a new profession emerged, and I realized I had the training and skill to fit into it.

The greatest thing about life is…we’re always learning! No matter what your age, you might be on the verge of a new discovery or new information. As my Dad used to encourage me, “You’re just one idea away from huge success.”


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Rix Quinn

Rix Quinn is a former magazine editor and now a syndicated columnist for over 100 weekly newspapers. He holds degrees from Texas Christian University and California State University.

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