Another Babe Ruth story

How many stories have you heard about the legendary baseball slugger Babe Ruth? In 1927, he banged out an amazing 60 home runs. That record stood until 1961.

Babe was a big man. He ate big. He talked big. And whenever he came up to bat, it’s said he “swung for the fences.” He once said that “If I just tried to hit singles, I’d have a .600 batting average.” He’s probably right.

One time, somebody asked the Babe if he felt guilty for making more money than the President of the United States. “Well,” countered Babe, “how many home runs did the President hit last year?”

The secret: Did you ever notice how many famous people in history get remembered for only one thing? Babe Ruth knew what he did best. He knew what brought him fame. And he constantly strived to improve his home run performance.

Finding the best YOU

There’s a great old story about the 12-year-old who told his baseball coach he wanted to be the next Babe Ruth.

“That’s a noble goal, son,” the coach says. “And you only lack three things to be just like the Babe.”

“What are they?” asked the boy.

“Size, strength, and power,” the coach smiled. When the boy frowned, the coach asked, “But why must you be another Babe?”

“You know you can place hit the ball, field well, and throw accurately. Don’t try to be another Babe. Just be the best you you can be.”

The Secret: Those of us who work as biographers aren’t looking for duplicates. We want to tell the stories of unique individuals whose special talents or perspectives enlighten readers.