New job title

Maybe you’ve heard about the 30-something who went out with a bunch of her buddies one night (this was in pre-covid times). She told them about her new job as a copywriter for a big-city advertising agency.

“Great work!” her friends said. “How did you get it? Did you see it in the newspaper, or on some online job site?”

“No,” she replied, “I predicted it.” Her friends seemed startled and confused, so she explained.

“One of my school buddies told me that whenever I wanted a new career challenge, I should write a news article about myself getting named to that job. I did that a couple years ago, and I imagined all the people I might need to talk to, or write, or meet, who might help me get that job.

“Then I started talking to those influential people. They told the ad agency about me, and last week I got hired. This ‘future news story’ I made up helped me plan a way to make my dream job a reality.”:

Wonderful words

Did you ever have a teacher who changed your life? I had one, and I still think about him.

He was really good at communicating with students. Without talking down to us, he described complex ideas in ways we could understand. He used simple words and analogies.

But more important, he looked for special skills in each of us. One of the girls was a terrific sketch artist. Whenever we worked on a group project he’d ask her to illustrate our report.

One guy had a unique voice. The teacher encouraged him to speak frequently in class. He became a nationally known talk show host.

What gifts do you see in family members, or in the people you work with? If you point that out with a timely compliment, your words might positively change that person’s life.