The elevator speech

Many marketing folks talk about the the “elevator speech.” This suggests writing a simple monologue about your profession…something you can tell somebody during a brief elevator ride.

How long is an average elevator ride? According to the internet…about 118 seconds. That’s slightly longer than the length of an average movie scene of 90 seconds. But I would suggest something even shorter. Why?

We television watchers can generally absorb and remember a one minute ad. Those ads frequently present a scene that describes a problem, and offer a solution to the problem.

Consider this: Many of us humans don’t buy products. We buy solutions to problems. I buy toothpaste and haircuts simply because they make me look better.

How do you — or your job or your company — solve a problem? Can you talk about that in 60 seconds, or 150 words?


“The elevator pitch”

Do you know what this is? It’s a way to help sales people focus on what they sell, and why customers should buy that product.

Here’s the concept: You get on an elevator with someone else, and in one minute you need to tell them what you do, and why they should do business with you. What do you say?

A biography can be created this same way. Start with you own biography. You meet a complete stranger, and you want that person to know more about your accomplishments…and what’s important to you.

When I’ve been asked to do that, I tell the listener (1) where I’m from, (2) my specialty, and how I discovered it, (3) how i can help others improve their lives, and then (4) I offer a reason why that other person should work with me.

Try this. It’s good exercise for both the student and the experienced professional.

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