The elevator speech

Many marketing folks talk about the the “elevator speech.” This suggests writing a simple monologue about your profession…something you can tell somebody during a brief elevator ride.

How long is an average elevator ride? According to the internet…about 118 seconds. That’s slightly longer than the length of an average movie scene of 90 seconds. But I would suggest something even shorter. Why?

We television watchers can generally absorb and remember a one minute ad. Those ads frequently present a scene that describes a problem, and offer a solution to the problem.

Consider this: Many of us humans don’t buy products. We buy solutions to problems. I buy toothpaste and haircuts simply because they make me look better.

How do you — or your job or your company — solve a problem? Can you talk about that in 60 seconds, or 150 words?


12 ways to use minute messages

How many ways could you begin using short, condensed messages today?

Seems like everybody wants an instant solution to almost any problem. Because of this, today’s writer must get to the point quickly, reinforce opinion with facts, and stick to one single subject.

1. Single-page introduction for a company or product.

2. Speech introduction for any event (150 words = about one minute).

3. Single-page company press release.

4. One-minute radio-style sound commercial.

5. Short biographies of your employees or leading community citizens.

6. As a Hall of Fame biography you can use to honor anyone.

7. As a birthday surprise biography for a family member.

8. Company fact sheets or corporate biography.

9. Advertising and public relations – Many of the techniques discussed here can help you create copy for minute or half-minute radio or television commercials.

10. As a “Sorry I missed your call…” recorded message for your office or cell phone.

11. As a sound feature for your company’s web site.

12. As an mp3 (audio) attachment you can send with an e-mail message to new readers or potential customers.

See Rix’s new e-book “How to Sell Ideas with the Minute Message”: