One-minute “to-do” list

I’m guessing that many of us are list makers. Each day, we write down things we need to do, then erase them after the task gets done.

I’ve got a business friend who slightly modifies that list. Of course, he knows what his major tasks will be for that week. But what should he focus on first?

Each day before leaving the office, he takes about a minute to quickly list the major activities he must accomplish the next day. When he gets to work the next morning, he sets immediately to work on those tasks.

I tried his technique a few years ago, and it works so well for me I still use it today. Of course, it’s not a complete list of the things I must do…but it’s a “starter” system that get my day rolling.

Minute mentality

“I’ll be right back, in just a minute,” smiled the TV weatherman. And 60 seconds later, he returned as promised.

How do we spend our minutes each day? We’ve got lots of them, you know…60 in each hour, and 1,440 every day. But do we really concentrate on spending each minute, or do we waste too many?

Before clocks got invented, minutes didn’t mean much. But once folks agreed on standard units of time, and synchronized their clocks, the world ran lots more efficiently. Students showed up for school at the right time, and adult clocked into jobs where they were paid by the hour.

What are your favorite minutes during the day? How you choose to spend them can determine the quality of life you live.